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    千条娱乐"Why?" asked the Doctor, pushing the breakfast tray off his knees and punching the pillows into shape.


    "Oh, don't let him tell one, Doctor," said Jip. "It's sure to be stupid."
    Tea was served at once; and His Majesty seemed so delighted at renewing this pleasant custom that John Dolittle was loath to break the news to him that he must shortly resign from the Foreign Mail Service and sail for England. However, while they were chatting on the veranda of the houseboat a fleet of quite large sailing vessels entered the harbor. These were some of the new merchant craft of Fantippo which plied regularly up and down the coast, trading with other African countries. The Doctor pointed out to the king that mails intended for foreign lands could now be quite easily taken by these boats to the bigger ports on the coast where vessels from Europe called every week.
    Instantly back came word over the swallows' telegraph line that the slavers were warned and were escaping. And, sure enough, when the warship rounded the cape at last, there was the slave ship putting out to sea, with all sail set and a good ten-mile start on the man-o'-war.


    1."'No, Doctor. Let her be. I'm through with women for good.'"
    2."All right," said the Doctor, "I'll attend to that, too."
    3."'I am the oldest rat in the town and I know a great deal. But, tell me, why do you come here into the dyeing shed?'
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